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Nolan and Snyder Begin Looking for Superman


Deadline has the exclusive on the casting search for upcoming Superman film, in which they claim producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder have begun to cast a “wide net” to find the next Man of Steel. He who will don the cape and tights could very well be an undiscovered actor, or relatively unknown TV star, according to the site. Nolan, Snyder, and the studio are likely looking at actors in the  28-32 age range and could possibly look at hundreds of potentials before picking their man. The buzz on current candidates point to Armie Hammer from The Social Network and Joe Manganiello of True Blood.

The other most important piece of information plucked from Deadline’s article is that the film will reportedly begin production in June 2011. Head over to Deadline to get the full scoop on the exclusive news. Also let us know who you would want to see as Superman in the comments below!

by Teddy Blass
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Darren Aronosfky Joins List of Potential Superman Directors


Another week, another possible director for The Man of Steel. The Los Angeles Times broke the news yesterday that Darren Aronosfky, the director of Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, and Black Swan, has met with Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas to potentially direct the upcoming Superman reboot. Joining a list that also includes Matt Reeves, Duncan Jones, Tony Scott, Jonathan Liebesman, and Zack Snyder, Aronofsky is by far the most impressive prospect yet. He brings a certain level of creativity and unpredictability to the project that films of this scale far too often lack. And while Superman may at first seem like a strange choice for someone so rooted in the independent sphere, this is same director once attached to projects like Batman: Year One, Watchmen, and RoboCop.

Most of you were in favor of Moon director Duncan Jones helming the project last week. Does Aronofsky’s inclusion in the mix change your opinion?

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Jonathan Nolan Directing The Man of Steel?

Jonathan Nolan With numerous (and fairly unbelievable) The Man of Steel rumors flying around over the past week, it seemed unlikely that they could possibly come together to form a truth. And although this may just be another interesting rumor to be considered and tossed out in another week, IESB may have hit on something that rings truer and potentially makes some sense of what has been said recently about the Nolans and The Man of Steel.

Now to get a few things straight, the rumors put Christopher Nolan as the ‘Godfather’ figure to the project (presumably due to his very successful work rebooting Batman) with Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer writing the screenplay. But, according to IESB, word is that Chris Nolan’s involvement is more to help out his brother Jonathan than, say, just to help out Warner Bros. get another franchise off the ground. The rumblings go further to mention that the reason Chris would want to be in this type of role is that The Man of Steel will be Jonathan Nolan’s directorial debut.

On the one hand it seems a little crazy that Warner Bros. would let Jonathan Nolan take on a $200-million Superman film for his first outing as director. But with Chris’ support and the respect Warner Bros. has for the Nolan team, it does feel in the realm of possibility. IESB’s rumor mill continues on to put Christopher Nolan as the director of the future Justice League movie. Although intriguing, I think that’s one that just needs to stay completely in the rumor mill for now.

by George
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