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Production Update #13: A “That’s A Wrap!” Wrap-Up

The Dark Knight Rises Wraps

And so you have it, The Dark Knight Rises has wrapped its 7 month long, 3 continent wide shoot. It has certainly been an adventure for Christopher Nolan and the cast & crew of the final installment of the Gotham Trilogy. From May in Jodhpur, India to November in New York City, the filming of The Dark Knight Rises has been a widely publicized, massive production. And yet somehow it stayed relatively secretive in the grand scheme of things, especially for those who didn’t scour the internet for every cellphone video and photo from the sets.

We covered the important milestones of the production over the span of twelve production updates. We’ll summarize those articles, as well as include a batch of the latest and last photos from filming in NYC, here in this final update. If you’ve managed to hold yourself to a strict standard of spoiler-avoidance, read no more. Although it should be noted that we hold ourselves to a somewhat strict standard, and the things we mention tend to be relatively mild in their spoiler-y-ness. Continue reading

by Teddy Blass
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Production Update #1: Forts, and Wells, and IMAX! Oh My!

The Dark Knight Rises Filming in India

Principle photography on The Dark Knight Rises officially started last week in Jodhpur, India. Filming began on Friday, May 6th at the Mehrangarh Fort with Christian Bale, and sightings of Josh Pence and others. Helicopters, IMAX cameras (which might not have worked), and green screens were in use during the shoot. Our Indian friends tell us that Christopher and his crew worked long 14 hour days in the smouldering Indian heat. A fair share of photos from the shoot have popped up online via Twitter, Facebook, and ComingSoon.net. Photos of a bearded Bale and other odd characters have brought up wild speculation about just what was being filmed there at Mehrangarh Fort. The conversation sparked hundreds of replies on our forums in just a few hours. We invite you to join us in the fun and speculation.

As of yesterday, the filming in India had wrapped, and Christopher and his cast and crew flew back to London — according to the Times of India. Filming will likely continue in the UK at the Cardington airship sheds in Bedfordshire before moving to Pittsburgh and Los Angeles later in the summer. Check out the full story below to check out the photos.

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The Dark Knight Rises Set to Begin Production in India

The Dark Knight Rises in India

After a few days worth of varied speculation, The Times of India has confirmed that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will begin production with a two-day shoot in India on May 6 and May 7. Nolan specifically settled on the Mehrangarh Fort after scouting for locations in both Jodhpur and Jaipur last December. It’s an imposing structure that overlooks the beautiful blue city of Jodhpur from about 400 feet, perfect for some impressive IMAX photography (or perhaps a few ornate interior shots). Although I fully expected the Indian sequence to be the “key flashback” featuring Josh Pence as a young Ra’s Al Ghul, Christian Bale will apparently be the only actor involved in the shoot – joined by a slim production crew of around fifteen. What does Nolan have in store for The Dark Knight Rises in Jodhpur without Ra’s or Bane? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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