Fall Fan Art: The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, and More…

Fall Fan Art

Welcome to the Fall Fan Art roundup, the 11th entry in our series of write-ups showcasing fan art relating to the work of Christopher Nolan. Every few months we comb through the fan art submissions on our Forums and our Tumblr page, then we collect the half-dozen or so pieces that are getting the most feedback to share them here in these roundups. The Dark Knight Rises fan art is past its peak, but this roundup brings you some of the best of remaining art, video tributes, as well as a few Man of Steel pieces. Enjoy!

We’re gonna start it off with one of my favorite fan posters for The Dark Knight Rises. It was created by DeviantArtist AbacrombieInk. Check it:

TDKR Poster by Abacrombieink


There has been a lot of art centered around the character Bane, and our next two entries are some of the more visually interesting pieces created. DeviantArtist Andrew Kwan made this boss abstract looking piece:

Bane League by Andrew Kwan


ArtMagix created this glowing speed-painting of Bane’s origin. Enjoy:

Bane's Origin by ArtMagix


Jumping into something a bit different, Springfield Punx made this Simpsonized (duh) drawing of The Dark Knight Rises‘ John Blake:

John Blake by Springfield Punx


We couldn’t help but share this awesome trilogy drawing that’s been floating around the ‘net by an unknown artist:

The Dark Knight Trilogy


We just love NolanFans’ very own Sync0py and Joel Walden‘s video tributes to Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy:


Moving from Batman to Superman, Medusone created some simple, and simply fantastic Man of Steel banners that currently beat out any of the official marketing material. Check it out:

Man of Steel by Medusone

Man of Steel 2 by Madusone


Lastly, we leave you with some unfair, but very worthy entries; Rob Bliss‘ Concept Art for The Dark Knight:

Rob Bliss TDK Concept Art

Rob Bliss TDK Concept Art
Much more of which can be found here.


That does it for this edition. If you’re an artist, editor, or musician, etc., and you would like your art featured in one of our Fan Art write-ups, hit us up on Tumblr or in the Fan Art section in the Nolan Fans Forums. Thanks. See you next month with some more great Fan Art!

by Teddy Blass
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