Christopher Nolan Filing Lawsuit Against Agents

Christopher Nolan vs CAA vs WME

According to TMZ, Christopher Nolan and his wife/producing partner are filing a lawsuit against their current and former agents over commission on movie profits. It appears the duo filed the lawsuit today in L.A. County Superior Court. They are claiming their current agency WME is asking for a cut of the profits from films that were initially brokered by their previous agency CAA. Nolan and Thomas are stuck in the middle of the conflict, and they’re asking the court to decide who should get the money. The Academy Award nominated director left CAA earlier this year when his lead agent was fired from the agency and then hired with WME.

Sounds like a bit of a sticky situation. Nolan’s films have grossed a massive $3.4 billion dollars and counting. He’s willing to pay the current commissions owed, but doesn’t want to pay one agency only to get sued by the other. Head over to TMZ to get the latest.
by Teddy Blass
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