DiCaprio Says Inception is “About Two Hours Long”

Jonathan NolanAlthough Leonardo DiCaprio stayed quiet in regards to the plot of Inception, he did reveal a small bit of intriguing information in a recent interview with Movies.ie. “I can tell you it’s about two hours long, give or take,” DiCaprio smiles. “Anything more than that, and Chris has vowed to have me strung up by my tongue…”

The comment could have been made to be intentionally vague, since I would even consider a 135 minute film to be ‘about two hours, give or take’. But what can be taken from this comment is that there is most likely a rough cut of Inception completed, possibly even being screened already.

A two hour length may seem short considering the six months of production and the ensemble cast, but outside of his Batman fims Nolan has kept his running times close to two hours. Memento is 113 minutes in length, Insomnia is 118 minutes, and The Prestige is 130 minutes. And as forum member chee noted, this comically would make Nolan a man of his word. After his second bathroom break during the BD-Live screening of The Dark Knight, Nolan joked that he would make a shorter film next time.

by George
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