HBO's Chateau Marmont

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Back in 2011, HBO had planned a mini-series focused on Hollywood’s famous Chateau Marmont. Krasinski and Aaron Sorkin were both set to be involved with the project, and then everything stalled out. The project was thought to be dead, but now Krasinski says it’s back on. “That is one of the projects that I’m very attached to, and it’s coming back around,” Krasinski told Deadline. “Aaron Sorkin and I were going to do it at HBO. We were taking our time with it, and then Aaron got busy with everything Aaron’s been busy with, and it just went slowly away.”

Krasinski says the project will draw upon the still-unpublished book The Castle on Sunset, by Shawn Levy (the writer, not the Stranger Things producer). The Chateau Marmont has been in Hollywood since 1929, and has become famous for offering lodging to celebrities throughout the decades.

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The Chateau Marmont is on my bucket list.

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Article doesn't really make it clear if it is still set up at HBO. Especially if they're using a different book this time. I imagine that given the heat Krasinki's got right now there could be a bidding war for this.

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