Set Photos/Videos (Potential Spoilers)

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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that's awesome man

at least they had sunny weather in Italy right?

Anyway, some of the worst weather days on Dunkirk resulted in beautiful scenes, I loved the foggy weather in Dunkirk at the start of the film

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User of Interest wrote:
September 13th, 2019, 7:05 am
From Mumbai:
I didn't even recognize him at first.

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Man Washington`s face, he must be having fun, i see him smiling a lot in the set pics too.

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Restaurant set up in Mumbai


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you lucky!!

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The Special One wrote:
September 14th, 2019, 1:13 am
you lucky!!
It's from news link tho

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Thank you for your service, Vikrant. :gonf:

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We rise.

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Thought we're gonna get some set pics today, but it seemed we won't. C'mon local tabloid! Or is it because it's a closed set.

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