Tarantella (1989), Larceny (1996), Doodlebug (1997), and Quay (2015)
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https://tribecafilm.com/stories/christo ... short-film

"The king of the thinking man’s Hollywood blockbuster, Christopher Nolan is one of those filmmakers whose every project is an event, which makes his latest project’s on-the-down-law nature so delightfully refreshing and unexpected. He's quietly made a new short film, titled Quay, about Stephen and Timothy Quay, a pair of Pennsylvania-born and London-based identical twins who’ve earned a large and faithful following for their stop-motion animation work."

Wow! This is interesting.

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tryna get tickets for this fam

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Short documentary film directed by Christopher Nolan.

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So it's a documentary short?

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the_red_ninja wrote:So it's a documentary short?

From /Film:
Now Christopher Nolan and his company Syncopy are working with Zeitgeist Films to curate Blu-Ray releases, including discs featuring the work of the Brothers Quay. Now we’ve learned there’s a bonus: Nolan has directed Quay, a short documentary about the animators, which will premiere in New York in August.

The definition of NEAT

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Kind of weird, but I'm definitely excited!

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