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Spoiler guy strikes again!

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Surpringsly not a single mod was present at the time to do their fucking job.

Will Teddy finally gonna give a fuck big enough to actually get real mods?

Tune in next year folks!
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This place is mess.
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Location: United States
Jesus Christ.
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God damn it, I can't use NolanFans for a while if this guy's still here :x
Posts: 17398
....and again....and again......
Posts: 9827
Talli just admited it was him on chat.Teddy do some actual justice now please?
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Location: United States
Yeah, it was him.

Off with his head.
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Brilliant method of forum suicide though.
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If he isn't permabanned a riot will be the very least fuckin thing to happen
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Location: All-Hail Master Virgo, Censor of NolanFans
hahahahhhaahaha I can already see Teddy's face...

"Wtf is with this dude? :neutral: " :lol:
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