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batman series No Man's land

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I understand this is your final movie in the series of "Batman", but please dont stop. If you based your movies off the Batman series Knightfall, can you or are you willing to take on another Batman series? One I think you will find challenging and the fans will find entertaining as well.

The Batman series "No Man's Land"!!! where Gotham is hit with a 7.6 magnitude earth quake and abandon by the government and declared a "No Man's Land" zone, pretty sure fans remember this series, starts with Cataclysm, then Aftershock, Road to No Man's Land.

All in all I think this would be a great story line to continue the Batman story line, I believe this even starts after his 10 year absence. I have to check my facts. But it covers a period in the lives of the people in the city, events of isolation, and rebuilding.

Gangs took over, Supervillians, some major characters, Pengiun, Poison Ivy, Harly Quinn, Clayface and they battled the Oracle and Huntress ( who acted as or was batgirl for a time). Just some ideas of how some things played out.

Ok hope you like the idea and it take on....good luck and thanks for the movies

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HA from what I had read this is his last movie in the batman series, and since this is the suggestion section, I am or would like to suggestion he continue making Batman movies. Personally I believe they do them better the anyone else has.

So I picked a storyline from one of batmans series here is the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Man%27s_Land_(comics) which i think will or would be a nice one to follow on too. (THE LINK WILL TAKE YOU TO WIKI, JUST CLICK THE LINK THAT SAYS NO MAN'S LAND COMICS)

I mean where do you go onto after bane breaks batman's back and he returns? No Man's land that's where
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...this is the comments and suggestions for the forum...not for Nolan... :|
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