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solo2001 wrote:I sent this PM to Tedward at the height of the weatherman drama. He did not respond.


For clarification, I was out of town for 9 days previous to the day of this conversation. Also, Solo and I had several conversations earlier in the day. I had expressed my disappoint in learning about the problems users had with theweatherman via a 'riot' and 'union' revolt, not via pm or adult conversation. The result was more or less a request for a formal complaint, which solo then very diligently put together in that PM. I read it thoroughly, and I subsequently had a long conversation over half a dozen PMs with theweatherman. I had already expressed everything I felt I needed to explain to solo in our previous conversation that day.

twm's moderation techniques improved a bit afterwards, and I received very little or no complaints after the whole fiasco.

Why people are concerned with his absence is a bit beyond me. It's not like we're being prevented from announcing another moderator because of him. If anything, we're prevented by the inconsistent and sometimes erratic behavior of a lot of our long-term community members.

If twm returns, which I don't really see happening, his position would not likely stay in tact. So maybe we can all calm our tits?
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That went well.
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It's been 6 months since he last visited NolanFans. :wtf: Does anyone know what made him go AWOL?

TeddyBlass wrote:If twm returns, which I don't really see happening, his position would not likely stay in tact.

So let me get this straight - are you guys waiting for his return to revoke his status? :eh:
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