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New Forum Buttons

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I'm testing out some new buttons for the forums. You'll see them appearing on different parts of the site later on tonight and tomorrow.

Let us know what you think. :)
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I like the new buttons at the top right (report and quote). They could be a little thinner, though. Nice work, keep it up! :)
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Yea, they are a tad big. I'll do some tweaking.
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I would say if they were about 75% the size they are now it would be great. :twothumbsup:
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Whoa, pretty big, I like it though.
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Nice. :twothumbsup:
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Very snazzy! :twothumbsup:
The hover colors are a nice touch too :D
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I like it :thumbup:
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I like the fact that they are a bit big.
Cool stuff.
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