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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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whoa where is the "take me home" part from?

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What do you mean?

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Sky007 wrote:whoa where is the "take me home" part from?
The movie, it's called Dunkirk and it came out a few weeks ago.

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somehow I cannot recall where that line happens in the film. I'm pulling a Sammy Jenkis here

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I believe it's when Tommy gets pulled onto the Moonstone, before they send him downstairs.

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I need this music in my life. right. now.

Edit: Sounds similar to 'View from the Voyager' now that I think about it
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I don't know but I'm not buying that theory. I think that Nimrod has been part of the score from the beginning.

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okungnyo wrote:
Willem wrote:It fits the tone of the film perfectly (the final scenes in particular, you know what I'm talking about). I wonder if Zimmer initially composed it for the film, but they didn't use it? Or maybe it got replaced by the Nimrod variation?

Edit: it sounds pretty familiair to me though, don't know why. Anyone else?
You may be right; someone in the YouTube comments said:

"I asked someone on Twitter who worked on the marketing for Dunkirk. He said it was a piece by Zimmer. Not in the film though, so maybe an unused bit of music they thought would work for marketing. Big shame as I love it!"

I will go out on a further limb and say that this may have been the original music for the ending-montage.

And it really does sound incredibly familiar, like it's a classic or something (even though if that comment is to be believed, it can't be).

Posting again for the lazy, since we're on a new page:

So no one has found out what the song is yet? =/ Dying to find this

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Same. It sounds like an incredible piece and it also really sounds like something Zimmer could have made (maybe even for the film). Very curious what this turns out to be.

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I think it's an edited version of Nimrod.

And you know, I just got to thinking... Zimmer worked on The Lion King as well, and Mufasa's death scene sounds a lot like Nimrod as well. I'm sure he's been inspired by it more than once.

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