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Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Hi .. I need the script please someone send me the link. Thanks

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I'd love to read whatever draft is out there. Can anyone send me the link/file ?

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Would it be possible to get a copy of this, I am deadly interested!!!!

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Finally got a chance to read the 2008 draft. I liked it.

Different parts reminded me of many different movies. Abyss. Sphere. Event Horizon. Sunshine. Pitch Black. Definitely some similarities to Inception in there. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if when they were in pre-production on Inception they cherry picked some things from this script, since it was still unknown what would happen with it.

I'm sure Chris will make heavy changes to it, but reading the draft and seeing the teaser, you can see some connections.
The way the robots are used in the story was great. Hopefully that won't be taken out.

My biggest problem with it was the overall thesis that earth is doomed and the only way to improve things is to travel through space and find new technologies or maybe a new planet to move to. I totally disagree with that. I personally would not choose to promote such an idea.

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What is the quota a writer needs to have input in the screenplay to get name credit ? I think SAG in USA has some sort of limits. Does anyone knows how much ?

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I've skimmed a lot of the script and here's what I think:
Firstly, the 'wormhole' in which the team of explorers travel through is not found on Earth. I expected it to be like a Stargate situation; found on Earth, then travel through it via Earth. No. Instead, the team leave Earth via a rocket ship and locate the wormhole somewhere in space, then go through it.

Another point, a huge amount of the script is spent on the planet they find, the ice planet (Iceland). I would say a full 3/4 of the film is spent there.

In regard to visuals and special effects, this is going to be by far Nolan's most effects laden film. A lot of the visuals sound like they will be incredibly tricky to imagine, I don't know how he is going to do it.

Overall, the pace of the film is slower but builds to some amazing events with another terrific ending segment. Compared to Inception, it doesn't quite have the pace or the urgency that that movie had.

In terms of complexity, I can see it being as complex as Inception with a lot of cinema-goers scratching their heads. Especially, as it gets through its third act, the plot becomes very Nolan; twists and turns, multiple timelines, reverse chronology and so on.

In conclusion, I think it will be an incredible story with incredible visuals.

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I've read it now, and I imagine the first acting being mostly untouched. It's the best part of the script in my opinion. It does move a little fast, and make some big leaps of logic for throwing cooper into the ship. A little contrived.
The second act is good, although I have to imagine C Nolan changed the shape shifting forest. That seemed really silly to me and pointless other than an obligatory CGI action scene. I also wish it expounded more on the gravitational beings that toy with them in the wormhole. He just kind of goes nowhere with that through the movie. It sets up a big Contact/2001 style reveal, and instead just sidesteps it all.

The 2nd and 3rd acts wilt in terms of dialogue, next to nothing other than them stating what's happening around them. No emotion, no deeper context. It devolves into too much situational happenings.

The third act gets interesting, but the end felt a little deflated. If it had just ended with seeing the watch that'd been fine. But the epilogue seemed pointless.

I imagine C Nolan will change the latter 2 acts greatly. McConaughey has said this is a very personal story for Nolan, and this iteration doesn't reek of personal touch. It also doesn't have any opportunity for cross-cutting or puzzle box machinations which seems to be Nolan's wheelhouse. Not saying he will ditch that totally, but I think he's going to turn it into more of an ensemble and play with more big ideas.

I think that the robots will be more along the replicant line, as I don't see Nolan embracing lots of CGI. It's not his style.

I think Nolan is going to skew this more into Contact/2001 headiness and puzzle box. I think he'll bring in more the the alternate dimensional beings, wormholes, and time travel.

The script has some awe inspiring moments, but is too rooted in familiarity being that it was for Spielberg.

The roles
Cooper- McConaughey
Brand- Hathaway (unfortunately)
Murph- Chastain/Foy/Burstyn (i believe he expanded this role and changed gender)
TARS- Casey Affleck
CASE- David Oyelow
Doyle- Wes Bentley
Roth- Bill Irwin (?)
Coop's father in law - Lithgow
Brand's dad- Caine
Great great grandson - Damon (although this could be really distracting for the end scene)

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I'm a new Nolan Fan member! I'm a fan of Inception and hopefully the upcoming Interstellar. As I'm also a fan of sci-fi movies such as Contact, 2001, Knowing, Prometheus, Europa Report, and others, and Interstellar might be Nolan's first ode to the sci-fi genre, I'm rooting for this movie big time! I recently watched Matthew McConaughey in Contact and Reign of Fire, and think he's great in these, and just based on the new Interstellar teaser, I can already see an emotional performance from him.

I recently read the 2008 version of the Interstellar script by Jonathan Nolan, and have so many questions. It seems the script is very short - as I'm not used to reading movie scripts, is this usual? For instance, Carl Sagan's novel for Contact is 434 pages. Is the Contact script much shorter also? I understand that in movies you must make cuts from novels, because it's not even possible to have all of an author's thoughts and ideas in a movie that's 2 1/2 hrs long. But, I'm just curious if you could let me know your thoughts on how long certain parts of the 2008 Interstellar script would most likely last on screen, i.e. how long does this brilliant Neutron Star zooming through space opener last on screen? I remember Contact had a stunner of an opening - about 3 mins... Any other insights into how to determine how long Interstellar movie scenes are vs. how long the respective portion of the script is, would also be fun to learn your thoughts on!


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General rule of thumb for screenwriting is that one page = one minute of screentime. So the leaked script is 120 pages, translating to ~120 minutes, or 2 hours. That's an older version of the script though, it's since been re-written, or at least tweaked. Here's a brief rundown on Nolan's movie runtimes:

Following - 69 minutes
Memento - 113 minutes
Insomnia - 118 minutes (only movie where Nolan didn't have a hand in writing the script)
Batman Begins - 141 minutes
The Prestige - 130 minutes
The Dark Knight - 153 minutes
Inception - 148 minutes
The Dark Knight Rises - 165 minutes

My personal guess is that it'll be around 2 hours and 30 minutes. I don't think it'll be longer than TDKR; the IMAX film prints for TDKR were huge, barely fitting onto the platter.

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