Transcendence (2014)

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asas20 wrote:You're just being a troll. So do everyone a favor, stop commenting on Transcendence and go jizz over the Interstellar teaser :thumbup:

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BlairCo wrote:Speculation on Murphy's character (Possible Big Spoilers):
Does anybody else think, since it seems the Final Script excluded Lance, that they merged the characters of Anderson and Lance together? Because why would they get an actor like Cillian Murphy, who's relatively known, to play the minor part of a cop without having some kind importance to the plot?
Say, have it revealed that he is the leader of RIFT, and he allowed the labs to be hacked.
This would be so cool and I'd really love it if this happens. :twothumbsup: :clap:

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Liked it more on second time viewing.

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whoa..The Matrix fonts & frames o.k dad

I believe in Johnny Depp

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I swear Morgan Freeman been an old man all his life.

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Dodd wrote:I swear Morgan Freeman been an old man all his life.
So was Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer - who oddly; look like brothers.

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just saw this, and I'm still not very intrigued

it looks and sounds so much more generic than I thought it would be

the trailer also gives way too much

meh, we'll see what happens

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I've seen the trailer once and have no interest in going back, so yeah.

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Transcendence wrote:Definitely Depp.

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riddick-danish wrote:
BlairCo wrote:
Allstar wrote:Based off the trailer Rebecca Hall.
or Cillian
Definitely Hall.

I'm disappointed with Cillian's role.
Agreed, they should have left him as Lance and expand his role, since his whole organization is present throughout the movie, they could have expanded him easily. Now he is playing Morgan Freeman's partner and most likely won't have meaty part to play. :(

Hall is doing just the way I imagined, she will do great job.
I hope it'll turn out that Cillian is a double agent, that will make it significantly more interesting.

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