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Christopher Nolan For Making A Bond Movie?

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I think that if Nolan approached and told them that the job was theirs, I think that they would do it. There is also a pre-established relationship there as Treefingers is on Memento's soundtrack and Thom Yorke gave Nolan the song Analyze to play over the credits of The Prestige
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A Nolan Bond-trilogy in IMAX with Tom Hardy, Hoytema and Hans Zimmer... that sounds perfect, although I do wonder whether Nolan would really want to make three films and "waste" his time with franchise filmmaking again. But maybe if he's having the time of his life with Bond, it's no problem for him.

The only thing I simply cannot see in this scenario is those cheesy Bond-titles. I would love him to have the balls and just flat out drop the titles, and have the usual Nolan-titles (black screen, white font colors), but I fear people would mob him on the streets.

But what's get me excited the most about Nolan doing Bond is the fact that I'd love to see him tackle an action-crime-drama in the likes of Heat (and/or The Dark Knight).
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Seeing Nolan all dressed up for the premiere's, etc. for Dunkirk got me thinking... What if instead of directing Bond, we see

Christopher Nolan as James Bond?

I'd definitely see that :lol:
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Stop posting an article filled with air.
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What would a Nolan/Zimmer Bond theme sound like? Would they change it up altogether? And for that matter, would Nolan change the format for Bond entirely? e.g. I can't imagine he'd be a fan of the opening credits...
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I think a Nolan-Bond movie will have the best antagonist of the franchise.

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