What Actors Would You Like To See Nolan Work W/ Again?

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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1.Leonardo Dicaprio
2.Tom Hardy
3.Rebecca Hall
4.Guy Pearce
5.Marion Cotillard
And you can never go wrong with more Gary Oldman.

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Robin Williams

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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:Robin Williams

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Mark Boone Junior
Joshua Harto
Tommy Tiny Lister

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ComptonTerry wrote:GUY PEARCE!

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TehBatGetsBraked wrote:
ComptonTerry wrote:GUY PEARCE!

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I think it would be interesting to see him put someone he used as a minor character in a lead role. Rebecca Hall for example. She was fantastic.

Also, I think it'd be nice for him to make a movie with fresh faces. That way, we can have more names to throw around in the Nolan re-use discussion and he would have more actors to..well, reuse.

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Scarlett Johannson in a role that is more than eye candy. :judge:

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The falafel guy.

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