Skyfall (2012)

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IDK if posted already:

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aaron wrote:IDK if posted already:

It felt a bit underwhelming (but still great) at first, but now, after repeated viewing it's grown so much on me. It's perfect. :tooexcited:
Now, the movie 8-)

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Like the clip a lot.

The song isn't going to be one of those like The World Is Not Enough or You Know My Name that I care to listen to out of the context of the movie.

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Out of the context that clip felt staged and unimpressive.

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ComptonTerry wrote:
IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:

:tooexcited: :tooexcited: :tooexcited:
I watched that one. Gonna try really hard to avoid all others.
And that's what I keep telling myself too.

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the songs okay, but it will probably grow on me. That clip though, the music's stupid. Not sure how the action scenes are going to hold up.

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07202012 wrote:
Allstar wrote: :|
That would require Skyfall to be the best Bond film by a mile.
Sometimes I think I like him more then Nolan.
This is just silly.[/quote]

Excuse me? It's silly for me to like Fincher more then Nolan?

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had to post this comment that has 23 thumbs up on NME comment section:

Age Of The Understatement by Last Shadow Puppets SHOULD be a Bond theme at some point. It's perfect for it.

told yall

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