RIP Debbie Reynolds

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Oh no. :( RIP Debbie Reynolds

Poor Billie and the family. :(

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What the fuck is going on

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Rest in peace Debbie. This is so sad.

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RIP Debbie Reynolds. :(

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Rest in peace, Debbie. :(

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Now the three can sing together again.£


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I literally yelled out "what the fuck" when I heard the news.

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Alright, things have decended into sheer absurdity now. The level of tragedy is so high that I can't even begin to take in or comprehend it, I'm just numb.


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I feel like even talking about how tragic this all is will just cheapen it. She died of a broken heart, this happens (people made fun of Lucas for this but it is a real thing).

I feel awful for Billie (unfathomable to lose your mother and grandmother on back to back days at just 24) and the rest of the family. :(
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