The 2006 film about rival magicians desperately trying to learn the secrets of each others tricks.

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The Prestige is a movie I just can't get enough of. Made me read the book, and after reading it, I realized how great a filmmaker Nolan is. He crafted his own story from that book and you can't help but think that its a perfect adaptation from the the structure of a novel to film.The story trims are perfect.

The Prestige really has a different meaning in the book than it has in the Film, and its brilliant. I have a real trouble ranking Nolan's movies, because I love them all... but if I could this one would be up there. I think many criticize that you figure out some, if not all, of what's going on too early in the movie, but I don't think that's a negative. There's is still a lot to contemplate. It's just fantastically well done.
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Next to The Dark Knight, it's my favorite Nolan film, I think. 100%
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Just reread what I wrote.. I should have said, I already felt Nolan was a great filmaker, but The Prestige is what made me see he was a truly special filmmaker, and that Memento was no fluke. While I liked Insomnia, it was pretty straightforward, and Batman Begins, which I loved, was even moreso. He certainly made those films great, but it always felt like Memento was a bit of an anomaly in how atypical it was.

I also should have articulated my thoughts on book to film better. the Nolans (I feel I should include Jonah in that as well) didn't just adapt the book.. they crafted a whole new take on the story. They manipulated the characters, their origins, their personalities.. but when you read the book after seeing the movie, you have no doubt it was absolutely necessary for them to do so to make the movie a great film. I did not feel that there were parts to the book that I regretted weren't a part of the movie. It's wonderfully done, it's a different story with the same fundamental background. What's astonishing in some ways is that Christopher Priest was absolutely on board with Nolan's movie. But he apparently got it, and didn't mind the big changes. This is a different take on Priest's world. I think this is the best move based on book I have seen. The Prestige made me go from liking and respecting Nolan as a filmmaker to loving him and I not wanting to wait to see what he would do next.

Also, I love that the Prestige was this 'little movie'. It was shot quickly, little prep time after BB, on a smaller budget, low effects, etc. I hope he continues to make those in between his big productions. He is so adept at both styles. Some directors lose it as they get into big productions.

If he brings one ounce of the same complexity and wonder to Inception (I'm banking that he will) as he had in the Prestige and Memento, it's going to be awesome.
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I haven't yet seen Memento (I know, don't kill me, lol), but I agree with everything you said about The Prestige; it solidified me as a fan. I LOVED it. What made it so great for me more than just its quality was that I didn't expect much from it; I saw it on DVD and was blown away. Brilliant, brilliant film. :clap:
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JRM wrote:I haven't yet seen Memento (I know, don't kill me, lol)

[pulls out the shotgun...] :P
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Amazing movie related deeply to Chris Nolan's roll as a filmmaker and artists in general,
A must see movie for everyone.
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I voted 100%,because in my opinion this movie is Great,even better then TDK,these are the movie where Nolan is
good in.Hope that Inception will be Great like The Prestige or even better :thumbup: .
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BatMotor wrote:I voted 100%,because in my opinion this movie is Great,even better then TDK,these are the movie where Nolan is
good in.Hope that Inception will be Great like The Prestige or even better :thumbup: .

the problem i have with the pestige is that after 20 minutes, i knew something was wrong with his partner and that he could be the "key" to the film...but still a solid movie..
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Im gonna give it 90% :thumbup:
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