The Dark Knight, then Batman Begins

Christopher's 2005 reboot of the Batman franchise that tells the origins of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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MWalls wrote:"Wow, if TDK is so awesome, BB will definitely suck."
Now THAT is logic, folks!

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Yeah I saw them chronologically too.

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It's sad, but most of my friends saw TDK first, and then Batman Begins.

For me, watching BB first was only an accident, because that time I was 14, I barely cared for movies at all, especially Nolan, whom I didn't know at the time. But I saw that there's a movie with Batman, and lot of people said it's great, so why not, give it a go. I watched it, and I don't remember loving it, I mean loving it like a nuclear explosion or a joygasm, you know. I "only" liked it, and thus went to watch it again in the theatres, so I saw it twice. Then came The Prestige and I fell in love with Nolan. By the time TDK came out I was crazy as hell, and when I watched it in the cinema... now THAT was a nuclear explosion.

But I can understand why some people watched TDK first. It had great, truly huge hype around it, and everyone heard about it who loved movies even just a little. I have at least three friends who got knowledge about BB's existence exclusively from me :-D A bit sad, because definitely this wasn't Nolan's purpose, to watch them in the wrong order. It gives a hugely different experience which wasn't intended at all. The perspective is intentionally exaggerated in TDK, and it's a natural thing (thing's growing with time), so watching it the other way around may give you a wrong impression about the whole Batman-franchise Nolan created.

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Was a Nolan fan since Memento so when it was announced he was directing the Batman reboot I was chomping at the bit to see it, caught BB twice theatrically and have seen it numerous times on DVD and once so far once on Blu ray, waiting with both this and DK to watch the 2 nights before I catch TDKR on IMAX on the 20th July.

Saw DK on IMAX first then normal presentation, numerous times on DVD and twice on Blu ray. I think BB is a great film but DK wins hands down for me.

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