Memento based on an all too in depth period of Analysis

The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.
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We all have our own views and I in no way think my view is the end all be all, I just ask people give my timeline a chance, because I've put a lot of thought into this.

I'll expand my views and the depth of my explanations and clues with time but for now I'll just plot out the guideline in a way that explains the back-story as I see it.

February 1997: An intruder assaults and rapes Leonard's wife, Leonard can hear something and tries to interrupt it, but he is incapable of keeping his wife from getting violated, there is a scuffle as explained on the website as opposed to Leonard shooting the man in the head, and that man is fatally wounded. Leonard is explained as having contusions but not be in a come or deep concussion as far as the article states, in addition while in critical condition his wife is not yet in a coma, as she is never said to be unresponsive. The shot we see at the end of Leonard's narration of the event is not this moment, in that moment his wife is out and Leonard is at a completely impossible angle for having been rammed into the mirror, he actually seems to have fallen forward if anything, but certainly head first, parallel to his wife.) Leonard is left with damage but the inability to create new memories still seems to be entirely gone, at this point Leonard is subconsciously choosing to not register new memories because he does not want to accept his wife's rape and assault and his inability to protect her.

November 1997: Leonard's wife is fed up, she's tried everything to get him to snap out of it and even used him to pay the bills that his insurance never recovered, but nothing will work. Finally she believes that if his mind has shut off out of his love for her, that love will also snap him out. She does the insulin segment, Leonard doesn't stop and his wife goes into a coma. Leonard is devestated confused and scared, he can't cope with what he's done, the trauma is so great that Leonard uses his disorder to save himself from this incredible trauma. He recreates the very same rape scene, making a deal with a cop whom is familiar with his case that a drug dealer can be fooled into enering the scene so he can bash Leonard and give Leonard his trauma injury to base his perspective off of, and then Teddy the cop proceeds to shoot that man perfectly in the head (a nice gun and a perfect shot from an insurance salesmen? That never seemed right) leaving a crime scene identitical in result to the one 9 months ago that set all of this in motion, difference being his wife is in a coma this time and he falls forward in a concussion, this is the image Leonard gives us. Leonard, capable as we see at the end of the movie of striking depravity in small doses in order to make possible an image of his life going forward that he is choosing, by and large spent this whole period post the insulin trick consciously aware of his actions.
He successfully sets up such identical images and sensations that he has fooled himself that it's all one event, meaning his wife was raped and killed by John G. and Leonard is in no way responsible, in other words Leonard had a psychotic break all in service of not having to accept what he did to his wife. He creates the persona of Sammy Jenkis to assume the mementos and memories of the last 9 months so he can remember the lessons learned and it's relevance to how to interact going forward while still not having to cope with murdering his wife.

Leonard finishes his need for the Sammy character, explaining that he was admitted to an insane asylum and completely unaware of what he did to his wife, and with that bringing Sammy to a close, Sammy's image turns back into Leonard right when Leonard's own story supports being in the asylum himself.

In what is largely covered in Memento More but also is supported by the internet clues, Leonard spends the next 9 months building a system in which he both, through notes, guides himself but also periodically pushes certain false truths through, all without needing to regain his memory to the point that he has to face his actions or be faced with the inevitability of being burdened with it living a full life. He doesn't remember and he has just enough memory to push his day forward in bits without the fear of being faced with the truth and never being able to forget it. In other words, Leonard has figured out how to guide his psychotic break to a sustainable dilusion.

I don't have it in me to keep going all the way through right now because it will be so dense and lengthy, so I'll see how people respond to this backstory first.

I believe that the film we see is not in fact backwards but starts when Leonard kills Teddy for threatening to make him face the truth, he develops this photo and precedes to carefully and diligently create a story, by connecting his sparatic mementos and photos, that can justify the murder he just committed while also allowing Leonard to actively seek a new goal. He strings together a story that makes everything that he just did and heard from Teddy the justified result of his own setting himself up with Teddy as an eventual end. He sees his escalating body count and painful images and feelings into a justified system of giving himself John G's to go avenge his wife from, allowing himself to set it all up again before starting over and maintaining a psychotic sense of reality that still leaves him a victim avenging his wife on some level (remember Leonard says my wife wasn't diabetic and his memory switches back to a pinch, there's nothing to hint that he accepted that truth, only that he's killed before).

I believe Christopher Nolan has achieved one of the most impressive feats in the history of film and most don't ever know he did it, he made engaging empathetic and sympathetic the process of a man having a psychotic break and going backwards to create a dillusion for himself. Chris Nolan made psychopathy sympathetic and universal in it's core truth...

Long live the king!

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