Strange thing I noticed

The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.
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Oh wow... never noticed that. :| I need to watch Memento soon, I'm such a slacker.

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Erwin Fortuin wrote:Dear karthiksac,

Good catch! What you have discovered are two important clues to find the true chronological story of Memento. I’ll try to give short explanations in this post. For a full explanation please see my post "Memento Mori Chronology (the true story of Memento)".

In chronological order:

Picture 3: The "Ellen can't come!" clue.
Lenny finds a picture of Catherine (his 1st wife) in her wallet which she left at home when she hurried to work.

Pictue 1: The "Teddy! Yo - Teddy!" clue.
Envious Lenny believes his wife has a lover. So he kills him (=Jimmy Grantz) when he walks in to pick up Catherine for a night out.

Picture 2: (part of) the Moment of Darkness clue.
After his Moment of Clarity Lenny refuses to accept reality and changes his memories of his bad (1st) and murdered (2nd) wives into a new memory of a “wife who deserves vengeance”. ("new" symbolized by the missing mustache)

Hope you have a change to read the full story my post "Memento Mori Chronology". Donno why, but so far nobody seems to take it seriously (or even read it). If you do, let me know what you think it (I'll donate USD 100 to a charity of your choice if you are able to refute it…)
_Oh, we've read it- It is just a nonsensical mess. Like, you haven't even made a conclusive theory, you're only presenting a bunch of photos and referencing a bunch of shit that you seem to pull out of thin air. Raped in the hospital??? 3 wives??? Like, where the hell are you getting any of this crap.


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