Are you a Rolling Stone or a Beatle? POLL

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The Rolling Stones or the Beatles- who do you think is better?

The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
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This question has been one that has divided many music fans throughout the years...

So, who do you like better, and why?




Let NF decide! Vote.

As for me, I'm personally more of a Stones fan, as their music has affected me in many more ways than the Beatles did, although they are both fantastic landmark bands. :D :clap:

I didn't include a both option have to like one more than the other, at least in some way ;)

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I choose Bedwetters.

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Oh, that's a difficult question... 8-)

I like 'em both.

But come on, Stones.

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The Beatles are superior.

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Jonas Agersø wrote:The Beatles are superior.
Your opinion is incorrect.

In my opinion.

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I do not believe anyone here know who either are. /s
But I think you need to make a Kim Kardashian and Lady GAGA poll instead :shh:

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