X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

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Bacon wrote:In almost every way X-Men: Apocalypse is better than Rogue One.

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Grow the fuck up guys.

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Vader182 wrote:
Cilogy wrote:
Vader182 wrote:Days of Future Past is kind of a really bad movie. But at least it reminders to be entertaining, so there's that.

Most of the movie feels vapid and unmotivated, it has bizarre pacing, the digital cinematography is incredibly flat and the framerate is fucked so the motion in the action scenes looks broken (since it is).

Most of the plot "beats"are random and arbitrarily decided. OH Magneto is here. Oh this is there. Better overcome this obstacle. How do we do it. Oh here's a random way, there's a fast kid. It's all a mess of cool stuff in a sequence that equals two hours but there's little causality from one scene to the next. You could play 52 pickup in the editing room for Days of Future Past and the story would still make sense. For a movie all about how one action leads to far reaching consequences, it sure doesn't follow that philosophy into the actual scene to scene storytelling.

Like, the good guys figured out the villain's plan because they happened to be around a TV. Charles just "is" a certain way for barely developed reasons, Magneto "is" a way because of barely developed reasons, and a few scenes later they're both back to being classic Charles and classic Magneto invalidating the poorly developed introductions in the first place. Same goes for Mystique. They introduce us to variations of these people and we're meant to accept it at face value with relatively little to no development in the text. Oh, and the whole Sentinel storyline barely goes anywhere in the actual storytelling lol. They're never really a threat and Magneto easily figures out how to control them. Whoops, that undercuts the entire central villain plot!

I think most of the stuff I described gets by since the cast rules and they really sell it, but the ACTUAL text itself does not. It helps it has a couple awesome action scenes and in general it's a pretty fun movie.

They weren't any sort of threat yet. That's the point. That's why the old X-Men didn't regard them as something that might truly endanger their existence at first. The real mission was to prevent Trask from developing them into the future sentinels by acuiring Mystique's DNA. The real villain of the film is not Trask or Nixon, rather all the regrets these characters have carried around from their past and has now returned to haunt them, and the conflict starts when they get one final chance to correct their course. The question that they are facing is will they be able to conquer themselves by sending back someone equally as flawed and conflicted as how they were, on their behalf.£

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That is what the film is about. I think this is one of the best X-Men films we've had, however much I pity Lawrence/Mystique is such a large part of the story...

The Rogue Cut flows better than the theatrical imo.

X2 and Logan stand at the top of the X-Men franchise imo. Damn hard to surpass X2 lol

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