Signing up for the project

A collaborative project utilizing the many talents of the forums' aspiring filmmakers.
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Alright guys,

Looks like both Tre Misfatti and this will be happening. We got our own subforum for Why Are They Here...? now, so we can talk about both projects seperately.
Let's see who actually wants to participate in this project.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for people who can produce a segment of the movie. A segment will be somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes and will be edited into a bigger movie. I hope it will be somewhere near 80 minutes (a bit short feature film), but it depens on how many production groups we get.
We also need a few people who manage this project. I think we'll need about 3 producers and 1 advisor. The producers will manage all communication between the teams and help this online project. The advisor should be someone who is really known with the concept of filmmaking. When a team got questions, they can go to the advisor.
We also need an editor, composer and 3D visiual team.

If you are interested in joining, but not sure yet, please tell us too! (in the list below)

For signing up, what are you supposed to do?
Fill in this short list.

Name: (for now, just a first name will be enough)
Signing up for: (Producer / Advisor / Production Team, mutliple answers possible)
Production Area 1: (Your first choise of where you would produce your segment)
Production Area 2: (If we have 2 teams from your area, can you move your production? If so, to where?)
Are you participating in this project: (Yes / Maybe / Probably / etc. If it's a no, please do not reply on this.)
Any comment: (say whatever you have to say here)

Let's keep this topic for entering only. No discussions. Thanks!
David emerges from the store slowly. He braces himself against a parked car and then keeps on walking in a nightmarish daze.

WE PULL BACK as David blends in with dozens and dozens of ordinary people, walking on an ordinary street, in an ordinary city.

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Name: Henrique Fialho
Signing up for: Producer
Production Area 1:
Production Area 2:
Are you participating in this project: Yes
Any comment:

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Name: Teddy Blass
Signing up for: Composer
Are you participating in this project: Yes
Any comment: This could turn out really cool if we focus. :)

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Name: Bryant
Signing up for: Production Team, Producer
Production Area 1:
Production Area 2:
Are you participating in this project: Yes
Any comment:

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Name: Matthew Wood
Signing up for: Writer?/Directer
Production Area 1: Melbourne City
Production Area 2: Victorian Suburbia
Are you participating in this project: Yes
Any comment: I have an idea for an introduction into the movie
if not i could just do another segment.
I would ask if Erik could PM me if he is interesting in my idea

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Name: Chris
Signing up for: Production Team, Advisor
Production Area 1: Area of Green Bay, WI
Production Area 2: Most surrounding neighborhoods and areas
Are you participating in this project: Yes
Any comment:

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Name: Jordan
Signing up for: Producer
Are you Participating: Yes
Comment: I am good with logistics so this seems like the best place for me.

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I'm very interested in joining. But I'm 14, so I don't what I can be of use for. :think:

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Name: Julian
Signing up for: (Directing/Writing/Cinematography/Photography etc.)
Production Area 1: (Bucharest)
Are you participating in this project: (Probably)
Any comment: I'm interested but I need to know what type of cameras should we use... if it's something already established or everyone has the freedom to film his segment the way he chooses...