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What was the last concert you attended? Who was the opening act? Did the main act live up to your expectations? Post it in this thread!

Last week I went to two concerts.

On the 23rd I saw Charli XCX and her opening act was Tommy Genesis. Genesis's music wasn't really for me but she did a great job warming up the crowd!

Charli played all the songs from her new album and only performed 2 of her older songs - I Love It and Vroom Vroom. It was a really great show and a whole lot of fun.

On the 26th I saw Marina and the Diamonds and her opening act was Broods. Broods had some really chill and mellow music that I really dug.

Marina was really amazing. She performed some songs from her new album but also performed a lot of fan favorites from her previous albums. I like it when an artist has that kind of mix. She also had backup dancers and singers which was neat. The choreography was great.

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I don't want to hijack your thread immediately, as this is going to be about a concert I will attend in the future, but... holy shit, System of a Down just announced that they are coming, for the first time since 1998(!) to Hungary. So, basically, for the first time. SOAD has been a big part of my teenage years (and beyond), so these are truly amazing news, as I've never been to a SOAD concert. I don't care how expensive it will be, I just have to be there.

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OMG that is so exciting! I hope you get to see them! Their music is amazing and I bet a live performance will be even better.

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I saw Tyler, the Creator about a month ago. I'm a huge fan of Tyler, he's one of my current favourite rappers. He performed in full costume and his set was great. He even had a piano solo! He truly is an inspirational artist, the amount of work he puts into anything he does is astounding.

The opening for Tyler, however, was Jaden Smith (who now goes by simply "Jaden"). Entertaining for different reasons.

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