2019-2020 Awards Season

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Nothing for Jexi and Tall Girl. What a joke

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history will remember these oscars as the ultimate fight for right and wrong and you know which side is which

in other words, can’t wait for 1917 to win everything

edit: okay okay i know lead actor is almost always super stacked but i’m kind of sad bale and egerton couldn’t get in

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The omissions are far more glaring than what has been nominated.

Biggest ones are Murphy, Gerwig, J-Lo, Wild Rose for Best Song, Zhao Shuzhen, Song Kang-ho, Awkwafina, Nyong'o and Portrait of a Lady on Fire for everything.

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Glad for Banderas and Pugh. Farewell got snubbed. Gerwig should be in.

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Along with Bale and Egerton, they snubbed John Travolta for his monumental work in Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit) The Fanatic. Smh

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Needed more Ad Astra and Lighthouse

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4N Legend wrote:
January 13th, 2020, 10:32 am
Needed more Ad Astra and Lighthouse
It blows my mind that Joker gets a nod in the cinematography category and not Ad Astra. Cringeworthy indeed, but that's par for the course with these awards. ;)
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Sad for Awkwafina

Happy for Pacino, Pesci, Pitt, Banderas, everything Parasite, Dolor y Gloria, Ford v Ferrari, Phoenix and Driver.

I haven't seen 1917, Little Women and The Lighthouse yet.

Jojo Rabbit for Best Picture tho, lol

Also Scarlet is having a pretty damn glowing year

I saw the trailer for Honeyland in front of Jojo Rabbit and I really thought it was a doc lol it was that convincing

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The only BP nom I haven't seen is 1917. Hopefully I can see it today.

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It's like the Academy watched four movies this year: Joker, 1917, Irishman, and OUATIH, and gave them the bulk of the nominations.

1917 really benefited from timing. I liked it, but getting 10 nominations including a screenplay nomination for what exactly. It must of been "fresh" in people's mind and there wasn't time for any negative criticism to take place and knock it down a bit for some voters.

Parasite should of got some acting nominations along with the Farewell. J-Lo should of got in instead of Robbie.

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