RIP Stan Lee

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Stan Lee, who ushered in a comicbook renaissance by co-creating the iconic superheroes Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men — characters who made the leap to film with often-spectacular results — died on Monday, his daughter’s attorney confirmed to Variety. He was 95.

Lee was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday after suffering a medical emergency, and was declared dead shortly afterwards. ... 203026230/

Man, this sucks. Excelsior to an absolute legend
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Fucking hell man

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God dam it. His work was so great and reached so many lives.He truly left an impact on pop culture like no other. I will continue to enjoy the characters he created for the rest of my life.

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Rest in peace. He was an amazing dude and had such a great impact on pop culture.

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Noooo :( 95 years old, man. He lived such a long life and managed to make so many people’s lives better in a lot of ways, but it’s still very sad to hear about this. RIP.

Can't ask for much more than 95. Good on him for leading an incredible life.

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Can't think of many artists who had such a direct and lasting impact on my childhood.

But more than that, I'm glad he was around long enough to see how his work has seemingly infinitely increased in scale in recent times.

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What an age and what a career, rest in peace mr Lee.

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What can be said about Stan Lee ?
The face of Marvel comics and above all else the face of the comic-book medium as a whole.Along with his calibrators,who should also never be forgotten nor undervalued,he created some of the most fantastically wild characters and worlds ever imagined.
Sure there were instances in his long career that he would like to amend.His ruthless attitude towards both Kirby and Ditko still leaves abit of a bad taste in my mouth but you are eventually won over by his pure and relentless dedication in bringing more coverage to the lighthearted and gloriously enjoyable world of this particular artistic medium.
R.I.P Stan Lee. :rose:

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Welp, there goes any hope for having a good rest of my day. But at the same time, 95....and he seemed to be doing so well. Can’t ask for much more than that. Not to mention the millions of people he’s reached through his work...

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