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Disney+'s solo2001 wrote:
November 6th, 2019, 3:57 pm
in 10 years when movie theatres are extinct i better not hear a peep outta ya

cooldude wrote:
November 6th, 2019, 3:34 pm
The notion that corporations should only pursue profits without sufficient, reasonable and fair consideration for what the impact is on their customers or their workers or their society or on countries or the environment, I think that idea exists for many and corporate greed and ruthlessness is normalized and accepted.
i'm moving to cuba
10 years sounds optimistic.

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hey it's not like humans won't be extinct within the next 50 years either!

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I don't see WB restricting the use of 35mm prints after the launch of HBO Max. It was Disney's history in context to access for screenings, which had everyone in archival circles buzzing about the Fox takeover. And their fears did come true. Also Disney+ is a moot point. There could possibly be no loss of potential subscribers, if a indie theatre, say, in Philadelphia wants to screen Young Mr. Lincoln and the film is simultaneously available on Disney+.

EDIT: I would be shocked if John Ford films are available from Day 1 of the streaming platform.

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virgo's staunch progressiveness briefly dipped into a combative defender of capitalist monopolies over art, who'd have thought


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That's *woke* capitalist monopolies to you.

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I mean, I own Bram Stoker's Dracula on DVD, yet I went to see it in theatres last week and there were no empty seats left by the time the film started. There is money in screening classic films that everyone could technically watch at home at this point. But just because there is more money in the kind of false scarcity that Disney has practiced for decades does not mean we should not criticise the company for this kind of behaviour or treat it as acceptable. Also, just because we can understand why Disney is pushing smaller films out of theatres because it wants to limit competition to its own films does not make that acceptable either.

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why can't a company worth hundreds of billions try to earn few grands more geez

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Huge Parasite (2019) Spoiler

Live footage of me living in Bob Iger's secret bunker


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Disney Crossing Record $10 Billion At Worldwide Box Office; First Studio In History To The Mark
Frozen 2 and its cumulative $919.7M in global snow dust, have helped bring Disney to the $10B threshold worldwide for 2019. Officially, the studio will cross the mark within the next day. Current studio cumes stand at $3.28B domestic and $6.717B from the international box office. That’s $9.997B global through today. This is a new record for worldwide box office for any studio in a calendar year, and surpasses Disney’s previous placeholder of $7.6B that was posted in 2016.

The above numbers do not take into account Fox titles. When they are added, the combined global box office for Dis is $11.94B ($3.8B domestic/$8.14B overseas) so far. Wow.

And all of this is before Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker starts strutting around the world on December 18 overseas, and December 20 domestically.

Along with Frozen 2, films contributing to Disney’s massive haul this year have been Avengers: Endgame ($2.798B), The Lion King ($1.656B), Captain Marvel ($1.130B), Toy Story 4 ($1.074B) and Aladdin ($1.051B).[...]

In August, Disney became the first studio to have five movies gross over $1B in a single calendar year. With Frozen 2 nearing the mark and The Rise Of Skywalker likely to hit it as well, that will bring the count to a mindboggling seven titles.

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