Original vs. Remake

This 2002 remake of a Norwegian film follows a Los Angeles homicide detective dispatched to Alaska to investigate the murder of a local teen.
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Well, one thing I'm sure of, is that Nolan's remake is far superior to the original. In my opinion.

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Haven't seen the original, but it must be awesome if Nolan decided to make it one of his own.
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Erik wrote:I have to say that the whole style of the orignal version is better then Nolan's version. The story sounds more realistic in Norway then in Alaska. Besides that, I thought that Nolan's version was a bit too long and at some points a little boring. This movie is more up-tempo (a little shorter too) and does not get boring, not a moment.
I haven't watched the original yet (it's in my 2012 to do list) and I'm sure it must be very good (why else would Nolan be involved?), but I find it hard to believe that it's better than Nolan's. I do not think Nolan's version is long or boring at any time. The pace of the film matches Dormer state of mind and tries to share it with the audience. That's what I like the most about Nolan's style. We share Lenny's disorientation in Memento, Dormer's drowsiness in Insomnia, Angier's and Borden's puzzlement in The Prestige and Cobb's dream-like "reality" in Inception. We don't watch Nolan's films, we experience it.

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The Scandinavian in me says original, while the cinema fan in me says remake.

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Original is better.
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Never seen the original and don't care.
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