Dunkirk Timeline [SPOILERS]

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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disseldor wrote:
brume wrote:Even after watching the movie twice now, the climax is still a bit confusing to me. First there's the plane that Farrier shoots over the oil, which causes the fire, and then as the Moonstone is leaving there's another plane, and then also the plane that Kenneth sees? Are they all the same plane? Or am I just slow lmao
They are not the same plane.

The one that Farrier shoots over the oil is a bomber that had been making runs on the destroyer Vanquisher.

The one that strafes the Moonstone (BF 109 I believe?) continues along ("Bigger fish to fry") towards Dunkirk, where it begins its assault on 'The Mole', only for Farrier in his gliding Spitfire to save the day (kinda out of camera).

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Wasn't the Vanquisher a minesweeper? Not a destroyer?

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No that final plane Farrier shot down was a Stuka, not a Messerschmitt like the one which tries to attack the Moonstone at the end.

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Crap, thanks for the heads up. I wonder where it went after it tried to get the Moonstone, then.

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Nomis wrote:No that final plane Farrier shot down was a Stuka, not a Messerschmitt like the one which tries to attack the Moonstone at the end.
Ah yes come to think about it, you might be right.

I can't remember if the distinctive Stuka dive could be heard, but from memory, the silhouette of the plane did resemble a Stuka rather than a BF109.

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Nomis wrote:No that final plane Farrier shot down was a Stuka, not a Messerschmitt like the one which tries to attack the Moonstone at the end.
I was about to post this. Pretty sure you hear the sirenes in that scene

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Vanquisher was played by the French destroyer Maillé-Brézé

But I thought the boat that was sunk before the fire water was the Naaldwijk playing the Britomart minesweeper J22.

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I think timeline would be something like:

31 May: Tommy arrives at the beach, meets Gibson, they try to get on the ship, are rejected, it's attacked, it sinks, they rescue Alex, aboard a new ship, which gets attacked and sinks. They encounter the Shivering Soldier who doesn't allow them on the row boat.
1 June: Alex, Gibson and Tommy arrive back at the beach at dawn and sleep. They later this day see the soldier drown himself. [time jump. We see no night]
2 June: The tide starts to change and soldiers on land start building a mole out of vehicles in preparation. [Time jump. We see no night]
3 June: The Moonstone and other little ships sail towards Dunkirk. Alex wakes up and sees a group of Highlanders (his partners) walking somewhere determinadely. He chases them and Tommy and Gibson follow him as well. They get to the Dutch ship. Blah blah. The Moonstone rescues the Shivering soldier. Farrier and Collins depart towards Dunkirk. Nazis kill Michael Caine aka Fortis Leader. They take down a nazi plane but Collins is hit. The moonstone rescues him. Farrier's fuel gauge is broken, but instead of going back he continues. The Dutch boat reaches the point of the channel where the dogfights are happening, which is also where the Moonstone is. The Dutch boat sinks and all the soldiers on it get off, except Gibson, who drowns. As they're swimming towards a British ship, a nazi plane takes it down, filling the water with oil. Farrier takes down a nazi plane that was about to sink the Moonstone, which makes the water catch fire. The Moonstone rescues as many soldiers as it can, Alex and Tommy among them and turns around towards England (George confirmed dead). Farrier continues towards Dunkirk but he runs out of fuel when he's approaching the beach. Before going down he takes down another nazi plane that was about to bomb down everyone at the beach. All the little boats arrive at Dunkirk. Farrier lands the plane and is taken prisoner by the nazis. The Moonstone arrives at Dorset.
4 June: Alex and Tommy on the train, reading Churchill's speech.

Land: 5 days ish (so not a full week). Sea: 1 day ish (it's not actual 24 hours). Air: 1 hour.

The time jump from 1 June to 2 June is a guess on the abrupt cut that happens between Alex, Gibson and Tommy sat at the beach and the shot of the Colonel watching as soldiers build the vehicles mole. It could be the same day, just later, but I don't think timing really fits. That would make 3 June the longest day ever, since we first see Alex Gibson and Tommy arriving at the beach exhausted in what seems like dawn, then a cut and they're sat at the beach with a much brighter sun. And then we hear Bolton say they have to wait six hours for the tide to rise. If it's already midday when they get to the Dutch boat, plus six hours of waiting for the ride, plus the time it takes them to reach the Moonstone, that is a long ass day.

The time jump from 2 June to 3 June is made clear, to me, by seeing Alex sleeping. Could be wrong tho.

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Those timejumps in the land timelines is also what i gathered at my second viewing. I still think its not really made clear enough, and that 'a week' is a lie, but oh well.

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In 1940 reality, LAND was a week (May 26-Jun4).

In the film, it is already past May 26 when Tommy arrives at the beach. They are already putting wounded and well soldiers on the hospital ship. They have already figured out to use the Mole because the big ships cannot get in close enough. Soldiers are already lined up on the beach.

In 1940 reality, the hospital ship Paris made 6 trips ferrying wounded and soldiers out of there before she was bombed and sunk.

Nolan messed with the reality a bit by having the Little Ships arrive so late. In 1940 reality, the Little Ships started arriving on May 28 and the hospital ship Paris was sunk on June 2.

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