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Disney+'s solo2001 wrote:
June 20th, 2020, 6:09 pm
i'm not fully on the egg train yet.
(Warning: negative opinions)
i would prolly love the witch if i hadn't seen the shining and love lighthouse if i hadn't seen persona. plus his endings have been flat. he does good atmosphere but i want moar
What you said. Last two sentences.

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Eggers, Aster and Peele. All 6 of their films are freaking amazing and deserving of even more acclaim. Psychological horror has rarely been in better hands.

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I agree with ya Keith. They are mostly “experiences” without much more than that.

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Knives Out

Still a lot of fun and having seen it a third time now I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the style and atmosphere. Doesn't even matter that the story's no longer a mystery to me.

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First film in cinema since March: The Elephant Man
Love that we get so many old films back in cinemas with the slow reopening of cinemas, although having old films in big cinemas could be a problem for the smaller cinemas in Paris (The cinemas of the Quartier Latin).
Here the screen was big and I was really impressed with the sound throughout the film. It definitely felt like a good film to go back to the cinema.
I had never seen it before, and it was so moving. Was on the verge of crying twice, and in the end, I was one of these single tear people JK Simmons love. John Hurt is incredible. Sorry Tom Hardy but this is the most emotional performance from an actor who must play with only two eyes and his voice.
The cinema was far from full: except my friend, there was nobody at less than five meters from me. There was though that one person that spoke during half of the film (that's one thing I hadn't miss).
Hope you all get to go back to cinema soon!
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I watched Todd Haynes' Safe, which I respected but didn't find enveloping. It reminded me of Under the Skin in form and subject, a sort of "post-modern" deconstruction albeit to different ends. It's highly indebted to Antonioni (my boy), but as much as he's invoking Red Dessert or even DeLillo's White Noise, I found it pretty dry. Somehow reminded me of The Killing of Sacred Deer. It's a single joke and a single punchline for 2 hours.

Disappointed, as I expected to love it.


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Repulsion (1965)


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28 Days Later

Once it gets going it's good. Though some of the abruptness and romance wasn't for me.

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Seduced and Abandoned (1964)
The Makioka Sisters (1983)
Mother (2009)
The Beaches of Agnes (2008)
Burden of Dreams (1982)
The Commitments (1991)

I also finally watched The Rise of Skywalker! :clap:

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The Godfather

Finally got around it. Maybe i'm just dumb, but i completely forgot who some of the characters were throughout the movie while watching. Also the Italy scenes were kinda jarring. Still enjoyed it and some really good stuff. It's a movie i need to rewatch because i feel like i'm missing something.

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