The real interstellar

Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Let's start off with Murphy
You realize she's the one who saves all of Mankind and her name basically gives you the answer

It was clear the murphys mom had died, but what you didn't know was brand was murphys mother. Yeah I just blew your mind now stick with me and I'll prove why

Murphy and Cooper went chasing after a feeling and ended up at the nasa area. Cooper was worried about his daughter and Brand replied saying "well I guess she has a smart mom doesn't she?"

Proving that brand was watching over her kids the whole time. Making brands dad murphys grandfather.

Plan B is to abort life. Even in our society plan b is taken not to have kids. You prevent conciouness from being created and your aborting the mission.

So cooper chases after brand in the final scenes after dropping her into nothingness because if he doesn't go then Murphy dies. That's why murphy saved her last breaths to tell her father to go chase brand. At this point Murphy knew the truth

Meaning she was right the whole time that her father was the hero cause if he never chased the feeling Murphy wouldn't have been alive. Leaving murphys mom stranded on plan b and not creating anything to save her. The true definition of art

And p.s if you still have doubts google what "cooper" means

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i googled cooper and i'm not seein it

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Wait, what? Even though it has a nice poetic ending to it, it makes no sense.

How can Brand be her mother? If Cooper goes to Brand and they have sex and a baby: how does Murph end up on Earth in the past?

Professor Brand can't be Murph's grandfather because she already has a grandfather on her mother's side - it's John Lithgow's character. Lithgow's character is the father of Murph's mother. So it's definitely not Brand.

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ChristNolan wrote:Image

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Adamjaved11 wrote:And p.s if you still have doubts google what "cooper" means
A maker or repairer of casks and barrels.

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Lol what

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