Christopher Nolan For Making A Bond Movie?

Speculation and discussion about Christopher Nolan's possible and confirmed future projects.
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I'd be all in for a Bond or two from Nolan, especially if it were done period, as right now I'd be happy to see Bond take leave from contemporary, at least till the world rights itself or finishes its descent into Hell.

The only problem I see is whether Nolan would actually cut it like a Bond film or score it like a Bond film (technically the Bond people haven't even been scoring them like Bond films for awhile, which is one of many reasons I hate pretty much all of Bond in century 21 except a couple short stretches in QUANTUM.) BATMAN BEGINS had some action staging problems and overcutting to compensate, but he seemed to get better as he went along in that trilogy, at least as far as viewable action.

Plus, I've got about a quarter of a period Bond script already written, with a magnificent PTS and several tie-ins to unused Fleming material. Technically it is set in the 70s/80s (my alternate dream is MOONRAKER done wholly period in the 50s), though by swapping out a few gadgets -- aerial mines becoming smart targeting drones, that kind of thing -- and dumping Germany for 'a country to be named later' it could go contemporary. Trying to get a new agent for my formation of ILM script and then am gearing up bigtime for a new try at the screenwriting biz.

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I read somewhere that Nolan is a fan of the James Bond franchise.

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UPDATE: Well, that was fast but a knowledgeable source has reached out to us to say that this rumour is “1000% fantasy” and not at all true. Nolan is not in discussions with EON to take on the James Bond films, and indeed, the rumour below did seem too good to be true. The fact is, with Oppenheimer having grossing over $900 million worldwide, Nolan’s next project can be – well – whatever he wants. Would he really tie himself to a franchise at this point in his career? It’s unlikely. Chalk this one up to wishful thinking as far as us James Bond fans go. Oh well, it was fun thinking about it while it lasted! ... ond-films/

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Thank God. No way he’d sign in for 2 at once. Not a chance.

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the time feels right for both him and Bond. A Nolan Bond trilogy could be one of the most successful trilogies of all time. Just pay the man, give it to him and do what DC shoulda done ten years ago.

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jetsdude wrote:
October 4th, 2023, 9:51 am
the time feels right for both him and Bond. A Nolan Bond trilogy could be one of the most successful trilogies of all time. Just pay the man, give it to him and do what DC shoulda done ten years ago.
But that's exactly what DC did...

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Pack it up, guys. He ain't doing it.

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Dragon_316ca wrote:
November 22nd, 2023, 5:40 pm
Pack it up, guys. He ain't doing it.
Oh, man.

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I know we are all waaaaaay over this by now, but Chris was photographed with Barbara Broccoli at Downing Street today...

I am not a pro Nolan doing Bond individual. I'd much rather he steer his own materials. Could also just be Bafta related activity today.

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I used to be firmly in the "I would rather he focused on original stuff" camp, but now I'm not so sure.

Look at his recent comments about how he's aware that he's privileged to get big budgets to do original stuff, or how he won't tackle the horror genre until he has a completely fresh idea that hasn't been done before.

If he were to do a Bond, you can bet your apple that it would have elements that would keep it fresh, like for example:
(1) one-off in its own separate universe
(2) female Bond
(3) focused more on the horror elements rather than a straight-up action movie

Either way, the Internet would explode, that's for sure.

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