Cats (2019)

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I need to see this film :lol:

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w :sick: t :sick: f :sick:

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It's funny how Todd Philips and Tom Hooper each started and ended the decade.

Philips directed Due Date in 2010 which opened to poor audience and critical reception and underperformed at box office, but he made Joker in 2019, a major contender for the Oscar this year, while also grossing a billion.

Hooper had The King's Speech grossing like a blockbuster (400 mil) and A+ from audience and showered by Oscars, but his new film is now the laughing stock of the industry and the surefire Razzie winner this year.

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Has anyone actually seen it from the forums? I'm dying to read your thoughts - thinking of seeing it for myself :D

seeing this nye

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i have a free ticket and like... maybe i should try living my life on the edge as well

edit: i mean, this could be something i could tell my grandkids about?

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Disney+'s solo2001 wrote:
December 28th, 2019, 5:53 pm
seeing this nye
great way to seal off the year lol

@ruth: well obviously lol

there was nothing wrong with the execution of this film

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the film is great the problem is it's a relentlessly faithful adaptation of a plotless 80's coked out musical that's playing in +2000 theaters

i was headed to the washroom while a family was walking out, i asked them why they left and they said "too much singing"

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