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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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Vader182 wrote:
August 18th, 2019, 5:16 pm


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Angus wrote:
August 18th, 2019, 5:09 pm
But what good story deserves to be shot on an iphone? Lol.
Tangerine, 97 % on rotten tomatoes, 8/10 on metacritic, shot on an iphone 6.

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I hope this will get a 70mm release in Europe as well. Dunkirk's 70mm print was absolutely stunning.

I just really love that this is also being shot in both 65mm and 15/65mm/IMAX. I think I'll plan a short holiday in Belgium (which I actually planned to do this summer but it didn't got through lol) so I can also see this film in Antwerpen, where they actually do have 4K/Laser IMAX with that sweet 1.44* aspect ratio. I have never seen a film in that format yet so I figure this is a good pick to do so :P

*sadly it's no 70mm but I think only London has got one running in Europe?

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I just got a collector’s edition of TDK trilogy yesterday, which contains an extra disc with most IMAX sequences presented in 1.43 (with lossless surround sound which I wasn’t expecting). To be able to see those sequences in that aspect ratio is incredible.

I hope someday we get something similar for Dunkirk since it’s mostly IMAX.
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Oh I didn't know they did that! I remember only seeing some of the Hong Kong IMAX shot sequence and TDKR's prologue in the 1.43 aspect ratio, but not entire scenes. That's cool man.

I hope Tenet will have crazy long IMAX sequences lol

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So JDW is our hero, have any guesses on who’s the villain?

I don’t hope for it, but I can see Pattinson being the bad guy. Maybe he works for the terrorist under the table.

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This won't happen in decades. But when it does it'll be the first time digital cinema technology is actually coming with its own unique advantages. Because as of now they're using a trick that is the dual laser projection, to make digital look like film.

A simple analogy would be two (or more) cameras at the back of your phone that compensate for the slimness of the device as opposed to a full fledged camera, to create more depth in image.

But this is just a trick. Even bokeh is very hard to create with this approach.

Using digital projection is the same as using 3.5mm headphone jack. It's hybrid. It's not lossless which is the key advantage of using digital.

Analog TV is alread dead. It's time we move on to true digital cinema.


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sir, do you want fries or not?

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This is a dumb discussion.

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