Following Inspiration from Strangers on a Train

The 1998 feature film about a young writer who follows strangers for material meets a thief who takes him under his wing.
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Hey guy, did anybody watch a movie by Alfred Hitchcock called Strangers on a Train 1951 after watching both of these movies i realised that Christopher Nolan had draw an inspiration for the Following from that film.


2 strangers are get involved into illegal activities
Both of them at the beginning of the film are sympathetic characters to an audience and the antagonist later on reveals his darker side of personality

The antagonist knowing a lot about the protagonist's personal life managed to manipulate him

The antagonist kept an item to himself that later on had a crucial role in the story Following the credit card signed by protagonist in Strangers on A Train the lighter that was the proof of murder

But even though in terms of picture composition Strangers on A Train looks much more appealing to an eye I personally think that the structure of the "Following" and the rhythm, plus music gives much more thrilling feelings to an audience and also suspense in the Following is more interesting to the story, less predictable.

Thank you Christopher for an ability to put the audience through an amazing experience, one day I wish I could become as successful film director as you. Admire your work and hope one day could understand your secret of taking any story in your hands and make it better.

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