Following - Empire Magazine Article - Jeremy Thebold

The 1998 feature film about a young writer who follows strangers for material meets a thief who takes him under his wing.
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I've posted all the scans from the recent Empire magazine to the Inception forums, which focused a lot on Christpoher Nolan. Here is a page by Jeremy Theobold on working with Christopher Nolan on Following.


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It's awesome that they interviewed Theobald for this, we actually have the chance to see what "Larceny" is about.
and know all this anecdotes.


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Actually I was very surprised when I found out Theobald was in begins ahaha
I was watching the movie for the second time, and then all of a sudden... "that guy in the Wayne Tower... sure I've seen him before..."

another curious thing is when I saw Following the first time, and the bat-symbol on the protagonist's door... it was destiny! :batface:

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