Tarantella (1989), Larceny (1996), and The Dog (2009)

Tarantella (1989), Larceny (1996), Doodlebug (1997), and Quay (2015)

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The search for Larceny continues.

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Bacon wrote:
August 2nd, 2021, 2:31 am
The search for Larceny continues.
Indeed it does! I've been trying to find it for just as long, but no dice. Plenty of VHS copies exist, but only in the hands of people like cast and crew of the short film from what I can gather. None of the people who I've chatted with allowed me to view it.

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Mercury wrote:
July 17th, 2021, 9:11 am
https://mediaburn.org/video/image-union ... t/?t=19:01

TARANTELLA IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. I have a backup copy as well if this link ever goes down for some reason (it shouldn't, since it was uploaded by the original producers of Image Union, where Tarantella aired).

Also, it appears that this short film (runtime 4:48) aired in 1990, not 1989. Exact date is 09-12.

Spread this like wildfire!!
A few days later... and "Syncopy" banned it everywhere. Where i can see it now?

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Sheriff Nolan strikes again.

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Syncopy, for those who don't know, is Nolan's production company. They are indeed the ones who took down the uploads on YouTube, the Media Burn Vimeo upload of the Image Union episode, and even an archive.org mirror (it had been solely linked on Lost Media Wiki; his legal team isn't messing around). Luckily, lots of us, myself included, still have copies, so if you're desperate enough to see it I'm sure someone who has it could give you a private copy. But I can say for sure, public links to Tarantella are not gonna be around since they get seem to get struck down at a moment's notice.

It's too bad, really, because I think there's a lot of value inherent to this work, despite it maybe not "standing on its own feet" as much as Nolan desires. I think it's rather Lynchian and a unique style endeavor for 19-year-old Nolan, and I like a lot about how it's done on a technical level. Not to mention, it's a valuable "stepping stone" in his career (though I think it's worth analyzing as more than just that; it does have its own merit).

Maybe Nolan will have a change of heart someday.

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If someone has a personal copy of Tarantella, pls be kind enough to send It in my PM.

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Please dm me tarantella.

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Please DM, really want to see it.

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If anyone has can you DM me

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