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m4st4 wrote:
July 2nd, 2018, 12:44 am
Says he, asuming one himself.

‘Everything’? That would be too depressing. Not everything, just that line of yours.

Your actions here, for years, speak volumes. So let’s say I am wrong on that one, cool. Doesn’t erase years of passivity and forum neglect round here. This is a moderator only land... and they’re doing, frankly, a bitchin’ good job considering who runs the show.

Sorry... ‘runs’ :lol: Pretty strong word.
Not trying to erase the neglect or pretend that we couldn't do better. I do wish I had more time to run the site. At its peak, the site required 30-40hrs per week. And at its best, the money we generated went to paying for the servers and we broke even. That's a lot of time to dedicate for free. We used to have the time, and we did it because we wanted to build a community. We enjoyed that. I hope I've shown reverence for our moderators here. I appreciate all they do.

Alex and I have some cool shit in the pipeline for NF, but its going to take time to implement. We won't see any revenue from that time, we likely won't increase attendance, and probably won't change the attitudes of many still here. But we'll do it. We don't want or need anybody's appreciation for that work, so don't think I'm looking for any praise.

The truth is the films and the general public interest in those films drive attendance. There was a time when public interest and our free time aligned, and the community grew from that. If we can make that happen again, fucking awesome. This is not nor ever was a business. I have made close, personal relationships because of this site. These are people I talk to daily, consider dear friends, and feel very lucky to have met by chance through a fucking website. If you can say the same about anyone here, that's all I care about.

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