Oppenheimer - Opening Look

The upcoming epic thriller based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.
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Law wrote:
July 24th, 2023, 10:25 am
I haven't listened to the soundtrack in full yet but is the music in the fist half part of the score?
Yes, Ground Zero.

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Except there’s an extra layer that isn’t in “Ground Zero” at 1:00.

The tracks used in this are: “Ground Zero”, A variation of “Manhattan Project” / “Los Alamos” and “Destroyer of Worlds”.

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Thank you!!

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I was looking for a 4K version and found this:

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User of Interest wrote:
September 8th, 2023, 2:24 pm
I was looking for a 4K version and found this:
Watched it on my 4k TV, it seems to me that it's just a resized one from the 1080p version

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It's very likely upscaled, if there was a 4K version I'm sure I would have found it. Also I checked the entire list of releases for Oppenheimer and there was no Opening Look mentioned anywhere as distribution for cinemas. So without a proper DCP as source I doubt whoever uploaded this could have found a 4K version. If I remember correctly there wasn't even a ProRes for this particular trailer, so they just upscaled the MP4.

I just checked again, the highes quality version that is available on any server would be an MP4 with 815 mb in file size. If whoever uploaded this even had access to it. So likely they just upscaled something with even more compression

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