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The upcoming epic thriller based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.
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Oku wrote:
July 20th, 2022, 2:16 pm
Going back to the days of Dunkirk, he was coming off of TDKR, Interstellar, both of which were nearly 3 hour films, and now he's doing a prestigious war epic? No way it was going to be anything less than 2.5 hours, no way; more like 3 hours if you had to bet on it.

Then we got closer to release, it was shorter than two hours, and upended everything that we thought we knew about prestigious war epics.

In Oppenheimer's case, cold logic (the source material, the amount of cast members, etc.) says that it is impossible for this to be shorter than 2.5 hours, but the fan in me who desperately wants this to be as radical as Dunkirk, is holding out hope that it could happen.
My thought process and conclusion is similar but I am not interpreting it as a good thing. So other forum members who want a long movie are hoping for the right thing IMO, it's just that I don't think it will happen, Nolan is still pretty much a blockbuster director who won't, the way I see it, treat the material with due earnestness. A shorter runtime and a time gimmick is what I am expecting.

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In this thread alone, you have a photo of Matt Damon holding the 'Oppenheimer' script and a video of Jessica Chastain showing the 'Interstellar' script and they're about the same size.

It sounds like another "it's getting delayed" prediction.

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To be clear, there is no prediction from my side, just an outlook and maybe some pessimism. I want a long movie and I want the trailer ASAP. I don't feel as strongly about the release date but it will be preferable if it opens next summer as planned.

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A Borges man wrote:
July 20th, 2022, 4:56 pm
Dahl wrote:
July 15th, 2022, 11:13 pm
A Borges man wrote:
May 17th, 2022, 12:56 pm

MY question as well, I thought he maxed out the IMAX platters on Interstellar with the 2:45(around that)?
Can they not add additional platters or switch to an additional projector? I don't know the logistics, but it feels like the biggest hurdle is a lack of trained projectionists?
Good question. Might be a reason to bring back an intermission, have two platters and switch them out. Honestly I'm not that versed, wise I had the answer, or wish Nolan had the answer...maybe he does, like 6 months ago they where talking about improving IMAX tech, maybe that would be included.
Ooooo an old fashioned intermission! That would suit the era too. Movies should bring these back. So much better for date night if you can pause to chat.

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Please for the love of god no intermission, I can’t stand that stuff, let me get invested in a film until it’s over

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KEM wrote:
July 21st, 2022, 11:26 pm
Please for the love of god no intermission, I can’t stand that stuff, let me get invested in a film until it’s over
I've seen 2001 and Lawerence of Arabia in theatres and the intermission didn't hurt, you'd be fine.

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Mr. Alley wrote:
May 9th, 2022, 7:36 am

So we have this picture of Matt Damon with what is almost centainly the screenplay.
Now the speculation about the runtime can begin.

Here is my take:

You see the bending of the first few pages so I am sure that it is "normal" paper and not something extra-thick.

I just assume that it is the complete screenplay without any "extras".

I asked 6 different writers in our "Filmmakers Germany" facebook group and they all said that it has to be around 160-220 pages.

I then took some normal paper, counted it and stacked it so I would get close to the same thickness as in the picture. 180 pages it was. Let's just assume that the screenplay has around 180 pages.

That would make it Nolan's longest screenplay to date ... IF ... Nolan's screenplays that are out there are the ones he starts production with. There is almost no info about deleted scenes on his films and I don't know if these deleted scenes are in the scripts or if they also get deleted from them after the film is finished.

Here is an overview of his Films, the script length and the runtime:

MEMENTO - 135 pages - 133min
INSOMNIA - 130 pages - 138min
BATMAN BEGINS - 150 pages - 140min
THE PRESTIGE - 128 pages - 130min
TDK - 141 pages - 152min
INCEPTION - 147 pages - 148min
TDKR - 165 pages - 165min
INTERSTELLAR - 157 pages - 169min
DUNKIRK - 82 pages - 106min
TENET - 148 pages - 150min

Assuming there aren't a tons of deleted scenes in each film they are always pretty accurate to the "1 page = 1min" rule of thumb (except maybe DUNKIRK for obvious reasons)

Does that mean we will get our first Nolan film that clocks in at over 3 hours?
Probably not but I wouldn't rule it out.

First, there are still the IMAX reel limatations but in 2009 James Cameron wanted to show a special cut of Avatar and the limit was somehow lifted from 2:30 to 2:50 (?). So maybe Nolan and IMAX will do something similar. They are already working on new cameras together so why not also on presentation equipment?

Then there is this enormous cast and the book "American Prometheus" and I think a lot of scenes might really end up on the cutting room floor. Sort of like Tarantino in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS - shooting way "too much" and then in the editing process "dicovering" the final version.

And then there is the thriller element to the film and I think Universal described it as a "Thriller" wich also makes me think: "Are there GOOD thrillers that are around 3hrs? Does a Thriller even work at 3hrs?"

So we will almost centainly get a film that is over 2,5hrs, maybe even over 2:49 (Interstellar) and I am all up for it! My prediction is 2:52.
This is probably a production draft of the script. Meaning, it probably has tons of singles pages with one line on them and many half blank pages. Which means the script has gone through some revisions.

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