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The upcoming epic thriller based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.
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I mean a lot of A-listers would love to work with him. But yeah the confidence from the studio and the cast is a clear sign this isn’t your typical drama.

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My bet, they're going to let him use their Imax screen from 21 July to the end of August, cause they know how much they owe him.

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I randomly came across these comments on Twitter and they made me think about audience responses, plus they did just bother me:

"No Oppenheimer teaser after it's been shown at every movie I've been to for a while" (paraphrasing)

"I'm getting the feeling this is Nolan's revenge on us not killing ourselves to see his shitty Inception sequel. I hate to see any movie bomb but if Oppenheimer (hypothetically) flopping at least humbles him a bit..."

"I agree. He desperately needs to eat some humble pie."

"Keep in mind: he got full control over the marketing. Plus, it's the same here in the states. I fail to see how this is unintentional.

And yes, I did use a George Lucas (well, a parody) gif for this. Nolan has pretty much become him, digital tinkering aside."

I can understand being annoying by seeing that same trailer constantly, it's an unfortunate flaw of the marketing which might change with the release of another trailer though I'm sure they won't give up on the countdown marketing gimmick. Gimmick doesn't mean bad, doing the countdown to release is not always embraced this widely and it's cool to see evolution in movie marketing that can sometimes be very stock and basic.

Making dumb comments like the follow-ups is just stupid. Calling Tenet a "shitty Inception sequel" (which overstates the similarities between them), comparing Nolan to Lucas (which if you look at a lot of the re-evaluation the prequels have received isn't that bad a comparison), implying that he's obsessed with box office (I've never gotten that feel at all beyond just generally making films for a mass audience), acting as if he's the only one who'd like his film to do well or even that he's the total driving force behind the marketing instead of the team at Universal. Saying that it's revenge for people not seeing Tenet is also just ridiculous, it's probably sarcasm but does he not think that Universal want the movie to do well at the box office too?
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those Nolan takes are absolutely moronic, i would want to have those people as acquaintances, the vitriol is pathetic.

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