Cillian Murphy Leads the Cast of Oppenheimer

The upcoming epic thriller based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.
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blackColumn wrote:
October 5th, 2022, 1:47 pm
Is fast a good thing?
I think you'd need more context to come to a conclusion on this question. Based on what I've heard, he works very efficiently and that efficiency hasn't impeded his final product. The constant thing producers have brought up is that he usually finishes production sooner than expected and it's not like that's been noted as a drawback in his films. Just sounds like he knew what he wanted and they achieved that goal without many obstacles.

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What all is said about Oppenheimer in this interview?

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It isn't surprising it was fast to make. I'm only expecting a couple of elaborate action sequences.
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I think it's safe to say that Nolan is at a point in his career where he's a true auteur who is in total control of his craft and is absolutely sure of it, so it's not surprising (and yes, every project is different, so this one probably needed a quicker time to be made).
This is going to be amazing, I really really can't wait.

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Ace wrote:
October 5th, 2022, 12:49 pm
Yeah nothing we didn’t know already.
He said of working with the director: “In the first half of the year I was working on a film called Oppenheimer directed by Christopher Nolan. We finished shooting at the end of May. That comes out next July. It was a fast shoot, we shot it really really fast.

"It’s a very ambitious project and I think sadly it’s a very relevant story considering what’s happening in the world today, particularly IN Ukraine, but it’s a fascinating story about America in the twentieth century, it’s a fascinating story of this man and his life and how he got to this point in his life.

"Chris Nolan is challenging because he’s the best and that’s what you want as an actor. You want to be pushed. I don’t feel like I’ve properly worked unless I’ve been pushed

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I love how the only word they can use to describe this film without giving anything away is “ambitious”.

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