Soundtrack: Göransson Returns

The upcoming epic thriller based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.
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Who Will Score Nolan's Oppenheimer/A-Bomb/WWII Film?

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Nolan's next film is potentially part sweeping historical epic, part biopic, part psychological thriller.

The official story for Nolan and Zimmer not collaborating on Tenet is that Zimmer had a lot on his plate — specifically Dune.

Talk has suggested tensions on Dunkirk were high and that the two thought it best to part ways for the time being.

Göransson knocked it out of the park on Tenet, earning a multiple nominations for Best Score.

So now the interesting question is: who will score Nolan's Oppenheimer/A-Bomb/WWII Film?

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Göransson, he can bring so much more, and a deeper/fresh work to Nolan's work.
I want him to be back.

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He needs David Julyan back for this.

He has that sort of sweeping score that I think could work for something like this.

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Göransson, that Tenet soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard

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It won’t happen but John Williams

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It'd be cool to see Julyan return

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Zimmer & Goransson.

Zimmer is no stranger to collaborating with other composers, and they both have a lot in common with the way they approach music and sound. Tenet was a masterpiece so Goransson alone would be fine too.

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Definitely Hans Zimmer

He's the most innovative when it comes to working with Chris, & they definitely have the most synergy between them stylistically. Not to mention Zimmer's greater mastery at developing an audio language (listen to Dune's sketchbook, the textures & mixing of it all is insane, plus it's extremely experimental & fresh). Ludwig is great but Chris deserves to be working with the best in the industry & that would definitely be Hans.
I'm not sure Hans would be on board though since he has an upcoming tour & possibly Dune 2.

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If I could pick one composer: Philip Glass.

I'd be happy with either Zimmer of Goransson.

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I think Zimmer would fit more with his orchestral themes than Goransson, but its too early to say.

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