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The upcoming epic thriller based on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world in order to save it.
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Does anyone have a 4K file of the trailer to download?

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Joshua Strong wrote:
May 17th, 2023, 3:50 am
Does anyone have a 4K file of the trailer to download?
As with trailer B and D before, I already sent the file to the source where you find all the other 5.1 trailers to download, directly when the file was released. I hope it will be added, soon.

If you can't wait there is a version of it on archive as well.

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Visited London last week and went to the BFI IMAX (first time watching a film on an IMAX screen as well) and they played the trailer - it really plays great on a big screen. Also a few murmurs when the name Christopher Nolan appeared which was cool.

Also I'm just really impressed with the YT views so far. This trailer is exactly what this film needed.

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The all-confident face of a man who knows he's about to single-handedly save this film from #OppenSoWhite allegations

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Oku wrote:
May 27th, 2023, 12:03 am
The all-confident face of a man who knows he's about to single-handedly save this film from #OppenSoWhite allegations

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Well that does explain why I couldn't pin down who that character could have been, since I was looking solely at those on the Chicago Pile 1 team; nevertheless, good on Nolan for including him. (That also means Rami Malek could be playing anyone, not just someone present at CP-1 as I previously thought.)

The IMDB page has other updates as well (or at least castings I hadn't seen before). Apparently Olli Haaskivi ("why would we go to the middle of nowhere, for who knows how long?") is playing Ed Condon, who was Oppie's associate director until disagreements with Groves over compartmentalization and secrecy led to his early resignation. This rift tends to be a popular way, in previous depictions of the Manhattan Project, to dramatize the early conflicts between scientists and the military, so I've no doubt Nolan will include that if he's specifically dramatizing Condon's recruitment to the project. (Also, Condon's resignation was precipitated by an unauthorized trip Oppenheimer made to Chicago; even though I don't think Condon accompanied him, perhaps Haaskivi's presence at CP-1 in the trailer means that it's this trip specifically that's being depicted, even if CP-1 was disassembled by this time in real life.)

Additionally, a Ryan Stubo is listed as playing Paul Dirac, which leads me to wonder which of the many famous Dirac anecdotes Nolan will decide to immortalize on the big screen (although I probably shouldn't expect him to include so much history in a mere three hour film, for my own sake).

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radewart wrote:
May 26th, 2023, 8:49 pm
User of Interest wrote:
May 10th, 2023, 9:40 pm
Does anyone know who this actor is and who he might be playing?
IMDB updated, looks like it is actor Ronald Auguste, playing scientist J. Ernest Wilkins.

Wilkins worked at University of Chicago's Met lab in producing fissionable nuclear materials. ... _fc_cl_t68
Pretty crazy checking out his biography, by this point (CP-1 being assembled) he had finished his PhD at age 19. It's interesting that we see him in the shot, apparently, with Oppenheimer walking across the field. Maybe Wilkins is being depicted as the one to introduce Oppenheimer to the work done in the Met lab?

On that note, do we know who is playing Fermi? I don't think we've seen him yet. And do we know who Brannagh is playing, German (?) accent and great wariness about the ramifications of the bomb?

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Danny Deferrari is listed as playing Fermi on IMDB (which I thought was interesting, since the actor playing Bethe looks more like Fermi in my opinion), and I don't think we've seen him in trailers yet. And there's no confirmation yet, but I'm completely confident in saying that Branagh is playing the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, both because Bohr was one of those who was originally interested in the philosophical implications of the bomb and because Branagh's hairstyle in the trailer looks like Bohr's.

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Will there be a final trailer?

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