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Bacon wrote:
bruh, I am highly anticipating his Superbowl halftime show yo.

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After the generic trash that was "Can't Stop The Feeling," I was really worried his album would be suffering from a lack of vision but this song is risky, different, interesting, and awesome. People will hate this though for sure.

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This is just smashing! What a riff, what a fantastic rendition of that classic blues song... (also happens to be one of Prince's final performances with a band before April)

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Is perfect.

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Bacon wrote:
this sound really captures being a bearded flannel man going into the woods with his supplies

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I'm so gay

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It's so good!
And yay for 16mm film.

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Top Five Rap Albums of All Time:

Ready to Die-Biggie
To Pimp a Butterfly-Kendrick
Madvillainy-MF Doom and Madlib


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