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Hype level for me =

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I've really been enjoying streams of Stray 🐈! But people using PC seem to be struggling with the controls. Anyone know how hard it would be to use a switch controller with a computer?

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I've put 75+ hours into The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so far, and I think I revealed little more than half the map, and must have progressed with the main mission, like... 40%? Not sure, to be honest, but the point is, that I fucking enjoy this game. I was afraid beforehand that it would prove to be too much like Breath of the Wild, and that it would feel too grindy, but it's just so addictive, so great, so much like BotW but with a (great) number of added extras, new things, and I feel some of these additions are pretty crazy. The world is huge - a bigger size doesn't mean a better game, but the way it unfolds and has unfolded for the past 75 hours, I really, really don't want it to end. Obviously, I'm padding the gameplay as much as I can - meaning that I don't rush to finish the main missions, quite the contrary. I'm exploring, looking for things, and there are quite a lot of things to look for!

Performance can tank (I've been in a few dense fights where the frame rate dropped considerably - and Kakariko Village is still an FPS hell for whatever reason), but I honestly didn't care so far. The game looks gorgeous without it being a flashy PS5 title... and it just feels so grand, even grander than BotW which I never thought would be possible. The (literal) layers of this world are so intriguing, I can't wait to explore every last corner...

Fights can be annoying at moments, especially when it becomes a bit overwhelming with a lot of land enemies, flying enemies and maybe even some of your own vehicles around. The most annoyance comes from the fact that you have so many things to juggle and pay attention to... and, honestly, all Zelda games have annoying parts and moments, so I'm not really complaining :D I love planning my routes, my missions, I love riding my horse but I'm bulding more and more vehicles when I feel it's more appropriate for certain situations. I rarely use fast travel, I try to ride and travel as much as I can... and, honestly, I still feel there's so much to discover. I'll see, but so far I enjoy Tears of the Kingdom very much.

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