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Arkham Origins was incredibly underrated. I honestly think it had the best story of the four games.

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It's actually my favorite game of the series. I like to replay it most often. I think Asylum has the best atmosphere and City probably the best concept but in terms of story and how Batman is represented Origins is the best one. Knight was a huge disappointment for me but in terms of gameplay and graphics it was obviously the best one and I hope WBGM can take some of the mechanics, gameplay and skins and put them into a much better story, with 100% less tank battles.

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And i already completed all of the latest Hearthstone singleplayer content (excluding heroic mode). Honestly, i just really like these dungeon run contents and willing to pay Blizzard for this kind of mode.

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I think Knight is a masterpiece of vision and scale, the latter being a problem at times though but still. The AK-villain himself aside the story was "ok" but it's best in tone, obviously visuals, but mostly letting you completely embody the bat. Also, AK Joker > all other jokers in the series. There's few things in gaming as good as the first 4 hours of this game too.

Really want to replay Origins though. That studio building on top of the last game's foundations will make a great game for sure.

PS: tank battles were eh and ofc riddle races too but the car itself was an orgasmic addition

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prince0gotham wrote:
October 2nd, 2019, 8:47 am
AK Joker > all other jokers in the series
No lies detected

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Hoping for a TLOU2 edition PS4 Pro. Would snag that immediately.

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Modern Warfare is great. Best COD since MW2.

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Beeing playing nonstop:
- Mythgard. Found it on Apknite and all I can say is it's a great upcoming CCG, now in open beta. It is really generous on the economy, it feels traditional but also inovating with the lanes system and it is not just a Magic Clone like Eternal.
- Dota Underlord. But I'm waiting for the official version of TFT on mobile.

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